Looms for Sale

Purrington 4 shaft, 6 treadle floor loom, 32″ weaving width. Flat steel heddles, 12 dent reed, lease sticks.  Folds up neatly for storage and transport. Missing crank handle.  $350.00, contact Gretchen at,  #2623 Main Street, Brewster, MA.  Call 508-221-3992.

Corona Series

New Works measuring 12″ x 13″, Handwoven of fine cotton thread, sewn to a stretched linen canvas frame for hanging on the wall.  $325.00 each.  15% discount for multiples.

Tanzer Weaving Studio and Gallery Projects.

The weavers at the Tanzer Weaving Studio and Gallery, #2623 Main St., Brewster, MA 12631, have been busy.  Here are a few of their newly finished projects.