Rug Weaving with T’Shirts

Rug Weaving with “upcycled” T’shirts.  8 to 10 large T-shirts can be used to weave a sturdy and soft 22″ x 48″ floor rug.  This two or three day class is for the weaver who has some experience  working on a 4 shaft floor loom.  We use a double sided pattern that gives the weaver a wide variety of design possibilities. Three day class, $225.00, materials included. Two day class, (with loom set-up and ready to weave), $200.00 Call Gretchen at 508 221-3992, or email at 

Rya Rug Knotting

The Weaving Studio has recently received a large quantity of superior quality rug yarn in many colors, (both single and double ply). I have started weaving rya rug backings suitable for floor rugs, bench rugs and chair pads. The backing fabric is woven with linen warp and wool weft in the Norwegian style of rya rug backings. I will be charging $25.00. per square foot for the backing material. Custom sizes can be produced to order, (up to 45″ wide and as long as you like). Currently I am weaving smaller backings for customers to try out, (12″ x 24″ and 12″ x 12″).  Contact me for special orders, 508-221-3992.