City Planning

50″ x 48″, $5,000.00. This piece has been in the works for 4 years. Lots of planning and rearranging of the parts to get the balance to my liking. The inspiration comes from driving through Chicago during afternoon traffic.

Window Works

This image shows two pieces with both sides of the each piece pictured.  It is intended to hang in an open space to see both sides.  It is handwoven of colorful mercerized cotton fiber, using a 3 block, 12 shaft double weave structure.  28″ x 33″ $900.00 and 28″ x 37″, $1025.00.


Handwoven cotton thread, multiple shaft doubleweave, hand sewn to a stretched linen canvas to hang on the wall.   30″ x 58″, $1812.00.  Can be hung vertically or horizontally.