2023 Weaving Workshops and Classes on Demand

Weaving classes are set up to accommodate the weaver’s time constraints. The following is a list of the classes  offered in the past.

Classes can be set up for 1 to 3 individuals at one time.

  • Beginning Weaving – Learn to set up and weave on a 4 shaft floor loom. 3 day class.
  • Drafting and Design I – Learn to read and design weaving drafts for a 4 shaft loom. 1 or 2 day class.
  • Drafting and Design II – Develop your drafting skills for more than 4 shafts, (up to 16 shafts). 1 or 2 day class.
  • Rug Weaving – Work with “up-cycled” fabrics to create a double sided rug. 3 day class.
  • Inkle Band Weaving – Learn to set up an Inkle loom and to weave a narrow warp faced band. 1 day class.
  • Band Weaving II – Using an Inkle loom or Scandinavian style rigid heddle, learn to weave intricate patterns on a narrow band. 1 day class.
  • Rigid Heddle Weaving– Plan a weaving project, set-up the rigid heddle loom, and weave off the project. 1 to 2 day class.

Contact Gretchen if you are interested in joining us for a weaving session, romeytanzer@comcast.net

Collections Focus: Randall Darwall, Racine Art Museum, Wisconsin.

Collections Focus: Randall Darwall.  September 21, 2011 – January 7, 2023.

“This exhibition debuts an archive of over 135 scarves, shawls, and garments by Darwall at the Racine Art Museum. Dyed silk stands out as the material of choice, with metallic thread, wool, cashmere, and chenille on hand as well. While the number of works is impressive, so too is the variety with different patterns, colorways, and eras represented. In addition, as part of the archival supporting materials, RAM has been gifted textile works by other artists that served as inspiration for Darwall—several of which are included in this exhibition—and ephemera that document his career. His work boosts the quantity of art to wear in RAM’s holdings yet also dialogues with objects and images across media and types.”

Two of my works are on display in this exhibition of inspirational works for Randall Darwall.  All the works are in the museum’s permanent collection.

Sample #1, 2003 and Sample #2, 2007, were donated to the museum by Anne Wright.



Rya Rug Knotting

The Weaving Studio has recently received a large quantity of superior quality rug yarn in many colors, (both single and double ply). I have started weaving rya rug backings suitable for floor rugs, bench rugs and chair pads. The backing fabric is woven with linen warp and wool weft in the Norwegian style of rya rug backings. I will be charging $25.00. per square foot for the backing material. Custom sizes can be produced to order, (up to 45″ wide and as long as you like). Currently I am weaving smaller backings for customers to try out, (12″ x 24″ and 12″ x 12″).  Contact me for special orders, 508-221-3992.