Fiddle Blankets are Back!

I have been weaving more fiddle blankets during my time off from the gallery, (weaving in my home studio).  The 8.5″ x 25″ textiles are designed to fit in a violin case to protect the violin from the rosined bows in the lid of the case. I am pleased with the combination of bamboo and Tencel fibers.  They are very soft and drape over the violin nicely. I sell them for $125.00 each, (plus shipping).  I have more, so if you want to see more choices, contact me – Gretchen, at


20-11, Yin-Yang

9″x19″, $175.00.  Handwoven of fine Lyocell fiber.  Lyocell is a viscose cellulose fiber that is similar to rayon but is manufactured in such a was as to eliminate harmful waste products.  The finished fabric is hand sewn to a stretched linen canvas to hang on the wall.

20-10, Raw Opal

22″ x 50″, $1050.00, Handwoven using fine cotton thread with a few passes of lurex.  Handsewn to a stretched linen canvas to hang on the wall. 


24″ x 24″, $550.00.  Hand woven of fine cotton thread, using multiple block double weave.  The finished piece is hand sewn to linen canvas stretched over a wooden frame to hang on the wall.