Fiddle Blankets are Back!

I have been weaving more fiddle blankets during my time off from the gallery, (weaving in my home studio).  The 8.5″ x 25″ textiles are designed to fit in a violin case to protect the violin from the rosined bows in the lid of the case. I am pleased with the combination of bamboo and Tencel fibers.  They are very soft and drape over the violin nicely. I sell them for $125.00 each, (plus shipping).  I have more, so if you want to see more choices, contact me – Gretchen, at


Beginning Weaving, 2020

July 8 – 10,  For new weavers and those who seek a refresher class.

Participants will design a project (scarf, wall hanging, or table runner), select yarns, wind a warp, “dress” a 4 shaft floor loom, and weave the project.  Weavers will learn the vocabulary of weaving and develop a better understanding of the process.  The 3 day workshop ($225.00) includes use of the studio’s equipment, yarn, and space.  The days run from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (with a break at mid-day for a snack or lunch). contact Gretchen at,

Contact the weaving studio if none of the class sessions fit your schedule and we will work out a private class that works better for you.

20-11, Yin-Yang

9″x19″, $175.00.  Handwoven of fine Lyocell fiber.  Lyocell is a viscose cellulose fiber that is similar to rayon but is manufactured in such a was as to eliminate harmful waste products.  The finished fabric is hand sewn to a stretched linen canvas to hang on the wall.

20-10, Raw Opal

22″ x 50″, $1050.00, Handwoven using fine cotton thread with a few passes of lurex.  Handsewn to a stretched linen canvas to hang on the wall. 

Spring 2020 Weaving Workshops

Spring weaving workshops have been canceled due to the current climate of concern about Covid-19.  The weaving studio will open back up for classes when it seems like a good idea, (hopefully in June). Stay healthy and weave at home!  Please feel free to contact me via email – – if you have any weaving related questions.

The following classes are offered on a rotating schedule or can be “special ordered” for a group of up to 3 weavers.

  • Drafting and Design I – Learn to read and design weaving drafts for a 4 shaft loom.
  • Drafting and Design II – Develop your drafting skills for more than 4 shafts, (up to 16 shafts).
  • Rug Weaving – Work with “up-cycled” fabrics to create a double sided rug.
  • Inkle Band Weaving – Learn to set up an Inkle loom to weave a narrow warp faced band.
  • Band Weaving II – Using an Inkle loom or Scandinavian style rigid heddle, learn to weave intricate patterns on a narrow band.

Contact Gretchen if you are interested in joining us for a weaving session,