Structures & Samples, Summer 2018

Samples & Structures; June 26 – 28, July 24 – 26, August 21 – 23.

Experience weaving on at least 4 shaft looms is helpful.  This class is for weavers with an interest in knowing more about structure development in 4 to 8 shaft loom controlled systems.  Participants will have the opportunity to experiment with different threadings, tie-ups, and treadlings.  We will focus on structures of interest to the participants.  Students can bring their own looms that are set-up in advance or work on looms that will be set up for experimentation ahead of time.  The three day class price of $225.00 includes; instruction, use of the weaving studio equipment, yarns, and materials.  Participants are encouraged to bring a 3 ring binder to contain class notes.  Contact Gretchen to sign up for class.  Email her at,